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55 Best Hiking Trails in Lower Silesia (Dolny Śląsk), Poland

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As many as 55 of the best hiking trails – ready plans for trips to the mountains of Lower Silesia. The most beautiful routes, the most exciting views, the most beautiful side of Poland.

For one day and the entire weekend – both for people travelling by car, train and bus.

Don’t waste time planning your trip and enjoy your time in the mountains.

I have planned it all for you!

What will you find in the ebook?

List of attractions
- so that you know what beautiful you will see on the way

Map and route profile
- so that you know its course and difficulty level from the beginning

Getting there
- so that you know how to get to the starting point of your trip

Practical information
- so you know where to eat and replenish supplies along the way

What do my clients think about these ebooks?


Benefits of Traveling with an Ebook


You don't need to browse guides, blogs and pore over maps - I did it for you.


You will not be worried that you have chosen an uninteresting route or that it will be too tricky - I checked it before.


See beautiful places and attractions that you could miss when planning a trip yourself - it is impossible with my plans.

Ebook in numbers

mountain ranges whose secrets you will know inside out
ready-made routes that you will use for many weeks of travelling
hours of hiking, which will provide you with ready-made routes
kilometers of routes that I have prepared for you in the ebook

Look inside the ebook

I have presented each route for you in a convenient form. You will quickly find the essential information you need for your hike:

type of trip (one-day or weekend),

type of access (by car or public transport),

level of difficulty of the route and its length,

availability of the way for families with children,

dining facilities and places to rest.

Opinions about my ebooks

Choose the best package for you

Ebook "Mountains of Lower Silesia
– 55 Best Hiking Routes"

PDF format, fast delivery to e-mail
  • ✔ 55 best routes suggestions
  • ✔ the most interesting attractions
  • ✔ maps and route profiles
  • ✔ "how to get there" tips
  • ✖ 1 hour of consultation on your trip plan

+ consultation of your itinerary

Places left for consultations: 0/10
  • ✔ best routes suggestions
  • ✔ the most interesting attractions
  • ✔ maps and routes profiles
  • ✔ "how to get there" tips
  • ✔ 1 hour of consultation on your trip plan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes! On routes that are easy to go with children, you will find a suitable pictogram.

It does not mean that the kids will not be able to cope with the remaining routes. However, they can be a bit more demanding (they may require more stops along the way).

In addition to the distance and forecasted time, you will also find the route profile for each route.

The profile will show you how steep the route is and how many of them there will be. By clicking on the route map, you can profile in even more detail.

Yes! I have prepared a map for each route that you can open on your phone during the trip.

The Tourist Map application (available for Android and iOS) will come in handy for this. However, you don’t need to have those apps to open maps.

That means you will find a convenient place to stay at the end of day one of your trips. It will be a hostel or town with hotels and guesthouses available.

The end of day one will be the starting point of day two.


Who am I?

Hi! My name is Bartek Dziwak. I run the travel blog.

I am the vice-champion of the Polish Tourist Bloggers Championships, in which I represented Lower Silesia.

In cooperation with the Marshal’s Office of the Lower Silesia Province, I participate in campaigns promoting tourism in Lower Silesia.

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